How do I find my profile link on the site while visiting on a mobile device?

Trying to grab it for the food52 swap at work (you’re blocked, as are all fun things, sadly). Everything I’ve read says upper right corner but on the mobile rendering I only see my shopping cart and none of the drop downs seem to have the profile link.

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Rebecca S. November 5, 2019
Hi kzmccaff! You can find your profile link by opening the "More" menu and then tapping the blue bar at the bottom of the screen—it will either say your name or "Log In/Sign Up" depending on whether or not you're signed in. From there you can access everything in your account, including your profile linked at the top of the list.

Hope this helps! And thanks for the feedback—we've heard this issue from a few people and are working on a solution to make it easier to find. :)
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