Would the author please consider...?

Would the author please consider posting the jerk sauce recipe as well? I love jerk chx wings and would love to save this recipe to my collections but there is no point if there is no recipe for the jerk, which is what makes this recipe worth saving. Hoping you’ll consider it.

Double-Fried Jerk Chicken Wings
Recipe question for: Double-Fried Jerk Chicken Wings


creamtea November 7, 2019
I hope she'll check in, but if not, here is a link to the recipe on her blog: https://mealsbymavis.com/jamaican-jerk-sauce/
mikedalena November 7, 2019
Thanks but I can’t save that to my “sauces” collection on food52. I’m hoping she’ll post it here in this recipe so I can easily save it to my collections. Otherwise there’s no reason to save this recipe. For all practical purposes, without the sauce recipe, it’s just wings with bottled sauce as it’s listed here. 😜
Meals B. November 10, 2019
I will add the jerk sauce recipe to this recipe on Food52.
Meals B. November 10, 2019
I have added the recipe for the jerk sauce to my Food52 page. I hope that's helpful.
mikedalena November 11, 2019
That recipe looks Devine. Thank you so much for posting it on food52. We just had wing night last night but it’s going to happen again this week so we can enjoy this recipe. I can’t wait to make this!
Meals B. November 11, 2019
You're welcome. I really should have posted the jerk sauce recipe on Food52 when I posted the recipe for the jerk chicken wings. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I hope you enjoy the jerk wings. Have a good week!
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