What kind of sauce would you serve with a turkey breast cooked on the grill (since there will be no drippings for gravy)?

Turkey will be rubbed with olive oil, garlic, mustard, rosemary and thyme. I'm also making another turkey (with gravy), so this doesn't need to be traditional. Thanks.

  • Posted by: BetsyN
  • November 20, 2013


pierino November 21, 2013
Thinking outside the lines a bit you could do a Mexican style pipian, which is a pumpkin based mole type sauce. Mexico is probably the only country that enjoys turkey as much as our country does.
Pegeen November 21, 2013
More on the fruity sauce suggestions above:
Pear, Brandy and Walnut Cranberry Sauce
This is more like a traditional cranberry jelly (very delicious)
There are a few recipes for mostardas on the site. You could use frozen cherries for this - just make the cherry "sauce" part of the recipe.

Ann G. November 20, 2013
Any chutney, we like pineapple or rhubarb (hard to find rhubarb this time of year). Make your own or in a pinch, purchase one ready made.
sexyLAMBCHOPx November 20, 2013
Some type of fruity BBQ sauce would be nice.
ChefJune November 20, 2013
Just read Alice Waters' Parsley and Anchovy Sauce article. That sauce would be amazing with the grilled turkey breast, and completely different from the traditional turkey and gravy you are also serving.
pierino November 21, 2013
This is basically the Italian "salsa verde". Alice Waters didn't invent it.
Pegeen November 20, 2013
You could buy some turkey parts ahead of time, roast them and use those pan drippings with turkey stock you've also made/purchased ahead of time. Gravy all done, no last minute prep.
Nancy November 20, 2013
I originally thought some fruit based sauce would complement the turkey. Your olive oil, garlic & rosemary suggest an Italian note, and mustard makes me think of mustarda di cremona - a northern Italian condiment with wine, fruits and mustard. Another sweet/savory balance for the turkey is any chutney, but especially nice this time of year is one made with cranberries.
PazzoNico November 20, 2013
If you have the giblets, use those as the base for a pan sauce. Give them a hard sear on all sides and use that fond for the flavor of a "faux" gravy.
Otherwise, use pancetta or bacon.
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