What can I do with long, tender fennel stalks & fronds, but no bulbs?

  • Posted by: mwb
  • March 27, 2011


NomNom March 28, 2011
I make tea from the stalks and fronds. Steep them for 20 minutes, strain and enjoy. I'm not sure of the health benefits, but I'm hoping there some because I fennel bulbs and this tea often.
mwb March 27, 2011
Thanks for the great ideas! I hate to waste any food that can be used. I used some fronds to amplify a chicken stock in which I cooked rice, and I used the rest of them as a bed for baked cod.
boulangere March 27, 2011
Love all these ideas!
CozyDelicious March 27, 2011
I might use the stems, along with some onion and carrot, to make a vegetable stock. Us eth veggie stock for a risotto, and then mix the chopped fronds into the risotto at the last minute.
Greenstuff March 27, 2011
I add them to chicken and fish stocks and sometimes use a bit of frond as a garnish.
jane_grenier March 27, 2011
Use your stems and fronds as a bed for baked fish, either en papillote (tin foil works fine) or in an open baking dish with a good douse of white wine.
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