What can I substitute for fennel?



susanm March 5, 2012
fennel bulb: celery, same amount
fennel seeds: while coriander is NOTHING like fennel, for some reason i thinks that's what i would try.
wont be the same, but might be unique.

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mrslarkin March 4, 2012
Hi Adrianne. Is it whole fennel bulb, or is it the seeds you're asking about? Also, are you looking to substitute because you don't have it or because you don't like it?
Greenstuff March 4, 2012
Are you talking seeds or the plant? If the seeds, anise seeds. If you go star anise, keep a light hand. The pastis that bigpan mentioned. If it's the plant, celery plus one of those options.

Though if you don't have fennel seeds, I guess it's a lot to hope you'd have the alternatives. What are you making?
bigpan March 4, 2012
If you can use liquid, use Pernod or Ouzo.
If it's fennel seeds you want to substitute, you can get a similar flavor by using star anise.
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