Is there an almond meal substitute?

Is there something that I can use in place of the almond meal? My daughter has to eat gluten free and is also allergic to nuts.

  • Posted by: MACKEE
  • November 12, 2019


Stephanie B. November 13, 2019
I like Nancy's garbanzo idea. You could also try pumpkin seeds, food processed until it's similar in texture to almond meal.
Nancy November 13, 2019
Another possible replacement...
A GF and nut-free cereal that your daughter can eat, coarsely ground.
Nancy November 13, 2019
Two ideas.
As the amount is small, just omit.
Or try using garbanzos boiled, roasted, cooled and then coarsely ground.
They would give a nutty texture and taste without nut allergens.
MACKEE November 13, 2019
I will try that. Thank you.
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