Is there a video of rolling pins how to?

I have purchased the “measured” rolling pins in hope of helping this non-baker get the pie crust the measured thinness. But once the pie dough is rolled to the thinness I can not get it to the maximum width/circumference. Is there a video how to?



Lori T. November 14, 2019
If you are referring to the set sold at this site- I think it shows a video clip of rolling out pie dough. When you roll out pie dough, you would roll it out by working around a disc of dough, from the center outwards as a rule. The rolling pins appear to be wide enough to allow you to roll out the dough to fit a 9 inch plate. If you are not sure how to roll out pie dough in a circular manner, there should be plenty of videos on YouTube which show how it's done. The procedure would be the same, whether your pin is calibrated to a set thickness or not.
DMStenlake November 14, 2019
Thank you. Yes the set sold on 52. Calibrated that’s the word I was looking for. I do know how to roll out pie dough. It just seems that once it reaches the calibrated thickness I canno linger stretch the dough to size. I’ll try again. I just use my French rolling pin and figure I’ve lost some money on a tool I thought would aid me. Again, thank you.
creamtea November 17, 2019
For general help with rolling pie crust (not specific to these pins, though) I find Ken Heydrich's videos helpful (google "Ken Heydrich Dean of the Pie Academy")
Can you roll out the crust, with the attachment, to the thickness desired, then remove the spacers (or grab your French pin) and give a few extra turns to get to the right dimensions? You'll get a slightly thinner crust (not necessarily a bad thing) that fits your pie tin.
Or, is your recipe accurate? Maybe you need to increase it slightly to reach the needed dimension? You could do 1-1/2 x or 2x the recipe and have a little extra for cinnamon twists or for a smallish pie tin or mini-muffin tarts.
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