Can this be baked and frozen? I would like to make this in advance before all the hustle and bustle.

Karen Oliver
Harvest Stuffing Bread
Recipe question for: Harvest Stuffing Bread


Miss_Karen November 18, 2019
I have made this a couple of times. I freeze half (after its baked.) because it is just my son and myself. We don't go through bread THAT fast. It's SO good!
boulangere November 17, 2019
You can also freeze it unbaked. Wrap it well in plastic. The night before you plan to bake it, move it to the refrigerator to thaw. Remove and unwrap it in time to proof and bake so that it comes to the table still warm and wonderfully fragrant.
Gammy November 17, 2019
I would bake and freeze in a heartbeat! After it is completely cool, wrap snuggly in plastic wrap and freeze. I also saw that some folks make this into rolls... another great idea, especially for sandwiches the next day.
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