Where can I find fresh figs?? Are they seasonal?

J Morey
  • Posted by: J Morey
  • November 17, 2019


PHIL November 22, 2019
Whole Foods
Mary C. November 18, 2019
Fresh figs in the U.S. come mostly from CA with some from AZ, and the season starts in May with a couple of varieties producing into Nov. I read somewhere that Whole Foods Market carries fresh figs.
Nancy November 17, 2019
If you can't find fresh figs, you can reconstitute dried ones and use them.
J M. November 18, 2019
thank you
Nancy November 18, 2019
J Morey -
Another variation, if you can't find dried figs, or like jam.
There are various fig jams available in Italian markets & delicatessens, and also on Amazon, if you happen to be ordering other stuff.
If you do use the jam to garnish the top of the cake, reduce the sugar in the batter by about 1/2 to 1 tbsp per tbsp of jam used.
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