Seasonal compote to go with custard pie

Usually I use berries but now I want something more seasonal...not really wanting apples or pears either.

Stephanie G


Stephanie B. November 18, 2019
As Nancy alluded to already, citrus-based sauces. Cranberries are definitely seasonal. Or pineapple compote or sauce, pineapple is a holiday/seasonal fruit in some places!
Gammy November 18, 2019
This recipe appeared in this Hotline yesterday and I thought it sounded wonderful, and although it contains pears, they melt into the sauce.
Nancy November 18, 2019
3 seasonal (winter or Christmas) ideas that could also be used for Thanksgiving:
1) marmalade with almonds, maybe spiked with brandy or liqueur
2) marmalade with poached supremes of orange
3) homemade vegetarian mincemeat
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