Making flatbread with Pears, Gorgonzola, what could I substitute for Prosciutto?

The recipe is pretty simple, but I want to make it for someone who is Kosher, so I want to find another ingredient that will have that same salty, chewy texture, but not the ham, but will also go with the cheese and sweetness of the pear.

Cindy Hatok


Nicole O. March 2, 2015
I'm sure you might know this already but they do make beef bacon! My husband's pork allergy led me to find all sorts of pork-less options from gelatin, pepperoni, salami and finally, bacon! This is the brand I get:
amysarah March 2, 2015
Unfortunately, while pork is a no-go anytime if you're kosher, you can't eat ANY kind of meat/poultry with dairy. (Weird, I just answered this, and it disappeared.)
plainhomecook March 2, 2015
You could make the Bakon?!?! from inpatskitchen's onion mushroom pudding Kosher and delicious.
Pegeen March 2, 2015
That mushroom pudding looks delicious! Gotta try that.
plainhomecook March 2, 2015
It is Pegeen, sadly I can only make it once or twice a year because it is very very rich but too good to skimp on any of the richness.
ChefJune March 2, 2015
smoked duck breast would be a great sub. :D
ChefJune March 2, 2015
After reading through this thread, I'd go with toasted walnuts for the third ingredient. In fact, now I'm thinking of making some!
Pegeen March 1, 2015
The order of these posts has been changed, and I believe some of the wording. Why?
amysarah March 1, 2015
Pears and gorgonzola combine nicely with walnuts - not chewy, but they add a little crunch (the cheese adds salt anyway.)
Nancy March 1, 2015
There is more to kosher than no bacon or shrimp. An important rule is not mixing mik & meat in the same dish or meal. If you want to keep the gorgonzola (dairy), omit all meat. maybe add lwalnuts. If you want to have a salty meat (to replace the prosciutto), omit the cheese & all dairy ingredients. Could use pastrami, corned beef, kosher beef salami. Or go in another direction: use salted or smoked fish like salmon, haddock, mackerel; avoid shellfish &seafood that lack fins and scales, like octopus. Aren't you glad you asked?!
Nancy March 1, 2015
P.S. Cindy, you might want to ask the friend who will be receiving this gift (or someone who knows him/her well, if it's a surprise) about level of kosher practice: ther may also be issues with the cheese or cooking utensils. Message me if you like and I''ll give you more information.
Pegeen March 1, 2015
Nancy, I was curious so checked with some kosher pals who say kashrut extends to all parts of pig, not just bacon. Also there are other forms of seafood that may not be eaten besides shrimp, if they do not have fins or scales, such as crab.
Nancy March 1, 2015
Pegeen, your friends are quite right. My casual reference to more than "bacon and shrimp" was not meant to be exclusive, but just to refence 2 foods commonly known to be off limits. Sorry if it was misleading. Yes, all food from pig, all seafood lacking fins & scales are equally tabu.

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Maedl March 2, 2015
Not all cheeses are kosher--if a cheese contains rennet (which comes from a cow's stomach), that is mixing milk and meat and is not allowed if you follow kashrut strictly. I am not sure if gorgonzola uses rennet.

Walnuts, as several have already suggested, is a classic combination with pears and gorgonzola (or Parmesan).
Molly W. March 1, 2015
Perhaps some thinly slice sausages (nonpork). Maybe sliced dried fruit--figs, apricots, or go for crunchy savory by using nuts--hazelnuts or pistachios or walnuts. Go green with some bitter arugula or watercress. Let us know what you end up with! It sounds delish (she writes, eyeing up the pears ripening on the windowsill as she types this!)
Pegeen March 1, 2015
Actually the pears and gorgonzola sound lovely by themselves. (Sometimes less is more.) Maybe with a drizzle of a very good olive oil or if budget permits, truffle oil? But if you feel you need a third at the party, a dab of fig jam.
Winifred R. March 1, 2015
Pears and gorgonzola or other blue cheese are a classic combination, so this sound right by me. Anything more is gilding the lily, which of course can be wonderful as well.
stephanieRD March 1, 2015
Bacon would give it a nice salty, meaty bite!
Pegeen March 1, 2015
A Kosher solution is needed, so no pork products. But now you've made me want bacon, pears and gorgonzola!
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