Hi there, I am looking for suggestions on a roasting pan large enough for a 30 pound butterflied turkey.

My local turkey farmer (?, rancher?) rarely has birds under 30 pounds and I'm trying to work out a way to spatchcock for Christmas. Thanks so much.

  • Posted by: jimjams
  • November 18, 2019
Roast Spatchcocked Turkey
Recipe question for: Roast Spatchcocked Turkey


Jen November 20, 2019
I make two spatchcocked turkeys simultaneously this past weekend on two half sheet pans. Worked like a dream.
Gammy November 19, 2019
As long as you plan to spatchcock your 30 pound bird, why not divide the bird in half, get 2 pans that would each hold half a bird and roast both at the same time on 2 separate shelves? You may have to play around and swap positions halfway through roasting, but you would only be moving around a 15 pound pan and not a 30 pound monster.
jimjams November 19, 2019
I'm so glad you suggested this. I've been wondering the same. I'm concerned about drying out the breast halves but otherwise I'm hopeful for this option.
Nancy November 19, 2019
To avoid drying out the turkey breasts...keep them on the fire a shorter time, until done (either add late or remove early).
Then keep warm or warm up just before serving.

Gammy November 20, 2019
Supposedly with the spatchcock method of cooking the breasts don't dry out the way roasting a turkey whole do because the thighs are brought out from under the bird and cook faster when exposed. You could always cover the breast area with foil. Here is a great article, including how-to photos, on cooking a spatchcocked turkey: https://www.seriouseats.com/2012/11/how-to-spatchcock-cook-turkey-thanksgiving-fast-easy-way-spatchcocked.html I think with that 30 pound bird, if you don't have a pan large enough, I would continue cutting the bird down the center of the breast to give you two half birds to deal with. You could even season them differently if you wanted.
jimjams November 20, 2019
Thanks, you've got me thinking.
boulangere November 18, 2019
Is your oven large enough for a pan large enough for a 30-pound spatchcocked turkey?
jimjams November 18, 2019
It's a good question. I am trying to work all this out.
Thanks for good place to start.
boulangere November 18, 2019
Might it be easier to use 2 smaller turkeys?
jimjams November 18, 2019
That's a disappointingly good point. Those turkeys from the local farmer are amazing...but they're all huge.

Thanks for your help.
boulangere November 18, 2019
Dang. So much for that idea. Do you have a gas barbecue grill?
jimjams November 18, 2019
We do. That's something to be curious about. I usually do food that are quick cooks on the grill. Thanks
Nancy November 19, 2019
Two refinements on the gas barbecue grill idea.
Either roast the bird whole in a closed barbecue, especially if you like the carving ritual.
Or, spatchcock the bird and either roast it or grill it.
Nancy November 19, 2019
Uh, sorry. Redundant suggestion...working from question. You're already using a spatchcock recipe.
On the pan...if you don't have year-round need for such a big pan, do you want to invest in one? If not, maybe use a giant foil pan, doubled for strength.
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