Need advice for my 16 lb bird using this recipe

Hi, this is my first time making Thanksgiving and a turkey. I ordered a fresh turkey, about 16 lbs spatchcocked. I have two questions: 1) I am concerned that my roasting pan won't fit the bird flat. Won't it mess up this concept if I can't do it completely flat? Even a large cookie sheet isn't any bigger than my roasting pan; 2) I saw a great buttermilk brine idea (just buttermilk and salt). Can I still use that brine and then use these cooking directions? That recipe only gives directions for a 10-12 lb bird. I love that this one gives directions per pound. Thanks

Roast Spatchcocked Turkey
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MMH November 19, 2022
I have done this several times & have used several methods. Alton brown has a very good step by step method on his website which also factors in the problems of a large bird.
I agree with Antonia about using a sheet pan. It’s odd that the photo with the recipe shows the bird on a sheet pan but the recipe talks about a roasting pan.
I use 1 helpful tip. If the bird is large I put it in a jumbo zip loc bag ( the kind you can use for a blanket) and hold it in a cooler to free up fridge space. Once I started spatchcocking & brining I’ve never used any other method. Good luck!
AntoniaJames November 17, 2022
I answered this in greater detail in the comments to the recipe itself, where MakingHeadlines' questions were also posted. ;o)
Nancy November 18, 2022
AJ - your answer is more thorough and helpful,
Nancy November 15, 2022
MakingHeadlines -
I can help with one of your questions - fitting the large spatchcock turkey into roasting pan.
Either ask your turkey provider cut it in half or - if you already picked it up - do it yourself.
Then cook in two roasting pans (your regular and maybe a foil one from grocery store).
Serve however you planned - on one very large platter or two regular sized ones.
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