Washing Sterling Silver in the Dishwasher

I want to use my sterling silverware for Thanksgiving. I used to always wash my silverware in the dishwasher in one place isolated from any stainless steel. But now the silverware tarnishes even when isolated. Is there a safe dishwasher soap brand that doesn’t damage silver? Evidently my old dishwasher soap was modified.

  • Posted by: Judy
  • November 21, 2019


Gammy November 22, 2019
Hi Judy, I use my MIL's sterling as my everyday silver, rather than have it sit unused for 363 days of the year and wash it in my dishwasher daily. I find that the pieces I use constantly tarnish less than the specialized pieces that are used infrequently. I use Cascade liquid, not the pods, whichever Cascade is on sale at the time. I do keep the silver and stainless separate when washing. I will read Nancy's referenced reviews and see how Cascade stacks up. Perhaps there is something in your water that is encouraging tarnish? On a slightly different note, be aware using any of the popular pods in your dishwasher or washing machine. I have had repair men tell me that many times the plastic coating does not completely dissolve and will build up and clog your machine's filter. I have gone back to measuring all detergents.
Nancy November 22, 2019
Gammy - good points, thanks. Nancy
Judy November 22, 2019
Thank you. I will try Cascade Liquid. Happy Thanksgiving.
Nancy November 22, 2019
Judy - yes, I learned and do the same - never mix silver & stainless in same load of dishwasher.
Here's a link for one recommended detergent. I haven't tried it but this is a 3rd party review, not a manufacturer promotion.
Also, have you tried just polishing it this time BEFORE Thanksgiving, then washing it AFTER? Might work, Nancy
Gammy November 22, 2019
Thanks, Nancy for the link on cleaning silver. Thrilled that the Cascade I use is the one recommended. "Cascade Complete is an excellent choice as it is phosphate-free with no lemon or citrus added." I do use the liquid formulation, not the powder shown in the photo in the link.
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