The Elusive Perfectly Pour-able Measuring Cup

I'm on the hunt for a glass measuring cup in the 2 and 4-cup capacities that not only keep their markings after trips through the dishwasher, but also pours well. I'm tired of the dribbles, the waste, and the messes! And I really don't want a plastic one. Wouldn't it be awesome if Food52 made one like this? (*Hint, hint, hint! Pretty please!*)

Lydia Lepic


Polkadot19 March 27, 2022
I would live a 4 cup and 8 cup glass measuring cup. Do you make them? If so, when will they be available? Also. prices?
Lori T. December 29, 2020
You definitely are looking for the proverbial miracle spout there. The physics of the "teapot effect", aka dribbles, is one that even experts haven't been able to completely explain- little alone eliminate. For the most part, the spout design plays into it, as well as the speed you pour with. The spout on a typical glass measuring beaker is usually short, gently curved, and a bit thick- a result of how glass is best molded and best kept relatively chip free in use. Not so good for a neat pour out though. And the non-stick, non-stain properties of glass will always make keeping painted markings on the side a challenge. However, you can purchase measuring cups with embossed markings on the sides in a variety of sizes. Unfortunately they will still have that same type pour spout.
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