Substitute for the feta? Or cannot really tell it is in it?

Can the feta flavor be detected? I looove goat cheese,!but I don’t love feta.

  • Posted by: bellly
  • November 25, 2019


bellly November 25, 2019
Okay thank you! So I remember true traditional feta is made with milk from goats or sheep but I thought the majority of feta sold in the US was made from cow’s milk?
Nancy November 25, 2019
Don't know those percentages.
I think the main thing for you in modifying this recipe is knowing which feta you didn't like in the past.
If it was cows milk feta you didn't like, go ahead and make a (plain) goat cheese sauce.
If it was goat cheese feta or you're not sure, stay away from goat cheese for now.
Either use another cheese you know you like, omit a sauce altogether or use something like a tahina or tomato sauce....many flavors complement roasted cauliflower
bellly November 25, 2019
Nancy November 25, 2019
In the sauce, there are two goat cheeses...plain or unspecified and feta.
If you want the same volume, just use more of the plain goat cheese instead of the feta.
Or, if you need less sauce, just omit it.
Jeremy B. November 25, 2019
I think Nancy is on the right track here, I would add that if you plan on replacing the feta with goat cheese you might want to look for a slightly firmer textured goat cheese (or a combination) to match the texture that the feta brought to the party.
Nancy November 25, 2019
Nancy November 25, 2019
Bellly - In response to your though about whether majority of feta sold in USA is from cow's milk. Short browsing couldn't find a clear answer. A couple articles from tell us it's a majority sheep milk (70%) cheese, with the rest goat milk cheese.
So, our understanding of the original Alon Shaya recipe changes - it's a mixture goat and mostly sheep milk cheeses, usually firm, tangy and salty.
Your options (replace the feta with goat or another cheese, omit cheese sauce, make another sauce) are still the same.

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