Is my turkey good if the bag is puffed up with air?

I bought a fresh butterball turkey today and I didn't notice until I got home that the bag is filled with air. It's like a balloon! Is it not good?

  • Posted by: Dana
  • November 25, 2019
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Cynthia P. November 24, 2020
Hi I noticed butterball turkeys at hannifords supermarket were puffed up with air and called the company at 1-800-BUTTERBAll and was told that it could happen by air bagging but not every turkey , the lady is sending me coupons because I wasn't taking the chance and had to buy a different brand turkey , I'd skip the bird with air if I was you
Dana November 27, 2019
So..... the people at butterball said to open it up and smell it. If it smells bad, take it back. I opened it and no odor! Yay!
Kallan November 27, 2019
I am having the same issue, I live in Phoenix. I got the last 23lb Turkey my local Frys had, and noticed it is puffed up too. I called the Butterball 800 number, they say that their birds are sealed without air, but sometimes air gets trapped anyway. They say as long as you are thawing it under 40 degrees for the appropriate amount of time it should be ok. I hope they are correct, it is a bit late in the game to change the bird out. Best wishes!
Nancy November 26, 2019
Haven't encountered this issue but would rather be safe than sorry.
To avoid indigestion or worse, unhappy guests and host, wasted expensive bird).
I would call Butterball's hotline, your local extension service and/or store manager where you bought the bird.
Then go ahead if safe, or return if not.
boulangere November 25, 2019
Where do you live? It is very common at elevations where I do and have lived for bagged products from tortilla chips to Turkeys which have been shipped from lower elevations, or which travel over high mountain passes, to ultimately arrive at a higher elevation from where they started to appear as though they are filled to bursting (and some have!) with air. What happens is that at higher altitudes there is less atmospheric pressure bearing down on packaging, cause air already present to expand. Before you return the turkey, you might first call the store manager, explain your situation, and ask where the shipment of turkeys originated. She/he will know.
Dana November 26, 2019
Thank you for replying. I live in Mesa AZ so that's not the problem. Wouldn't it go back to normal if it just traveled through high altitude but then back to low?
Renee A. November 27, 2019
Im in Chandler with the same concern. I bought it Sunday and it has a use by date of 11/29. I never put in freezer.
Emma L. November 25, 2019
Hi Dana! While I haven't run into this issue myself, after a quick search, it seems like a common one caused by temperature changes (the turkey was possibly frozen at some point). It's unclear whether this compromised the quality of the bird, so you could either open the package and see if it looks or smells off—or, if you just bought it, try to return the unopened package to the supermarket tomorrow. Curious to hear if other community members have encountered this before!
Dana November 26, 2019
Thanks for replying. I'm curious to read more opinions as well!
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