My mashed potatoes are pasty. What can I do?

The potatoes were baked, not boiled.

Mary Jean Bankmann


Stephanie B. November 27, 2019
It's probably too late for this batch, but for future reference check out this article: The food52 people (or was it one person?) tested out a lot of methods, and made good notes on the results.
Nancy November 27, 2019
Other possible uses:
As a topping for shepherd's pie (classic with ground beef, or turkey variation for the weekend after Thanksgiving)
Add some onions or peas and use as a filling for samosas, borekas (spelled variously), ravioli
If no garlic or onion added, save them in 1 cup portions (fridge if you will use soon, freezer for later) to add to bread...makes the loaves really moist
Brinda A. November 26, 2019
Hi Mary Jean! Typically, gluey or pasty mashed potatoes occur when they've been slightly overworked/over-mashed. At this stage, I'd try to refashion them into a delicious potato casserole of some kind—layer the mash in a baking dish and spread it all out, cover it with shredded cheese that you love, as well as bread crumbs and lots of melted butter, and bake it in the oven until crispy and melty on top and warmed through on the bottom. Hope this helps! Happy Thanksgiving!
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