What am I going to do wit this deli ham?

The story is that my husband's friend works for a pork company. He "did us a favor" by gifting us the ham we'll serve for Thanksgiving. Turns out, it's off the bone deli ham. So much of it. How can I prep and serve this without doing sandwiches?

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MMH November 27, 2019
Go for it. This happened to me once. I got a “gift” too and didnt know what to do. The only thing is this and I wasnt prepared for it - they throw of an amazing amount of water so make sure to put it in a deep pan.
Miss_Karen November 27, 2019
You could chop some of it up and put it in a soup like Chicken Cordon Bleu soup.
Use it in a quiche.
Merrill S. November 26, 2019
Are you interested in warming (and possibly glazing) and serving it carved, with condiments, or are you looking for alternate uses?
Mrsjuliad November 26, 2019
I'd love to glaze it and carve it! I have no idea how to go about doing that. If I bake it with the glaze, will it even matter since it isn't spiral sliced? Could I even slice it like that? I'm trying to fake it 'til I make it as close to a traditional holiday ham as I can get.
Gammy November 27, 2019
Keep in mind that spiral slicing is a relatively new thing (maybe only 20 years old) and people have been glazing and heating ham long before that. Your gift ham has no bone, and should be easy to carve traditionally... spiraling not necessary.
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