Turkey Cavity Still Frozen , Help!

turkey cavity still frozen but already opened from package what do I do next



Gammy November 28, 2019
Mine today still had icy chunks in the cavity after thawing in the fridge for about a week, but the breast and legs were fully thawed. I picked out the biggest pieces, and proceeded with prepping to roast. If your bird is mostly thawed, I would continue to prep and roast and be sure to temp both the center of the breast and the thigh to be sure they roast to 165 and 175. You may need to add more time for the bird in the oven. You could also spatchcock the turkey, allowing it to cook more evenly. Worst case is that some of the meat will not be done enough for today (I have been there too!)... in that case I would serve the meat that WAS fully cooked today and re-roast the rest later in the week for another meal.
Stephanie B. November 28, 2019
There is some info on using water to defrost quickly at https://food52.com/blog/24481-how-to-defrost-a-turkey
Stephanie B. November 28, 2019
You can run it under cold water with water flowing through the cavity to finish defrosting. It should go quite quickly with that method.
[email protected] November 28, 2019
Thank you !
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