Suggestions: overbaked shortbread cookies: crumble for topping or any other??Trifle?

linda trueblood lambert


linda T. December 12, 2019
Thanks for all the great ideas!
HalfPint December 2, 2019
Crush and make parfaits (any kind!).
Mrs B. December 2, 2019
Use in rum or bourbon balls instead of whatever cookie the recipe calls for . . . .
Miss_Karen December 1, 2019
I agree with Stephanie, grindvthem up and make a pie crust. Chocolate cream pie would be yummy.
Stephanie B. November 30, 2019
I think both of those sound like good ideas! You could probably use them to make cookie crumb pie crust, but maybe one that the filling doesn't have to be baked so you don't burn your already overcooked cookies (key lime pie, fruit tart, that sort of thing).
Nancy November 30, 2019
Linda - agree with your own suggestionsand Stephanie's comments.
Other ways to use the shortbread crumbles:
1) mixed in some yogurt, wth berries, for an indulgent breakfast or nice dessert
2) as a substitute for bread in a sweet bread pudding (reduce or omit the sugar from the original recipe, as you will have plenty of sweetness from the cookies).
3) as a topping for a cooked fruit compote, instead of sugar crumb topping.
Enjoy them, Nancy
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