Stella D'ora Swiss Fudge Cookies

I'm dying for a recipe that will help me recreate Stella D'Ora's beloved Swiss Fudge Cookies. Basically, the cookie consists of a crumbly, faintly salty shortbread topped with a fudgy (but not runny) center. Any ideas?

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AJerusalemArtichoke October 1, 2013
Thank you! What a find! I'll definitely attempt that this weekend.
TobiT October 1, 2013
Check out Emily C's Almond thumbprint cookies with Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt on Food52. You could probably eliminate the salt finish and achieve something very close to what you are looking for. Texture of filling was soft but not runny, and cookie was crumblycrisp but not crunchy. We made them a few months ago (albeit with the salt) and they were yummy.
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