Could I use milk instead of water?

I've seen a few other recipes that use milk for their liquid instead of water. I have a bit left over from making ice cream. Thanks!

  • Posted by: Jacob
  • December 1, 2019
Rao's Meatballs
Recipe question for: Rao's Meatballs


Gammy December 4, 2019
This recipe garnered a whole mess of comments, mostly about the use/non-use of veal and the ensuing authenticity of the actual meatballs. I love this recipe, but I substitute additional beef and pork for the veal and have always used water for the liquid, but I would say go for the milk if you wish to use up what you have on hand. The only other advice I can offer is to dig in and get your hands messy and to add the milk in stages, not all at once, as you may not need it all. Enjoy!!
Stephanie B. December 1, 2019
Yes, you can use milk.
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