Wintertime fruit suitable for chocolate fondue?

I'm thinking of serving chocolate fondue for an early Christmas dinner on Dec 8th. For dippers, I know I can use chunks of bananas, apples, pears, and angel-food cake, but I don't like to use strawberries out of season, as they are typically white on the inside and not sweet and kind of tasteless. I'd like to hear your suggestions for other dippers.

  • Posted by: Terri
  • December 2, 2019


Gammy December 3, 2019
Florida strawberries usually come to market around Christmas and I have had some very sweet ones over the holidays.... unfortunately your party on Dec. 8th may be a couple weeks early.
Happygoin December 3, 2019
Clementine sections might be good
Stephanie G. December 3, 2019
Miss_Karen December 3, 2019
Starfruit,(carambola) if you can get them.
Nancy December 3, 2019
But/and taste one before you serve them.
They come to market some ripe, some not.
If you get unripe ones, use them in a compote but not for the chocolate fondue.
Nancy December 2, 2019
Out of the ordinary, but go well with chocolate:
Mild fresh chilis.
Pieces of nut brittle.
Nancy December 3, 2019
PS - Fun or nerdy facts - both chilis and nuts are (technically) fruits.
Lori T. December 2, 2019
How about kiwi or mango cubes? Dried apricots would also be good, so would pineapple chunks. You can also dip biscotti or amaretti, or any one of the Italian coffee cookies as well as meringue cookies.
BakerBren December 2, 2019
Dried fruits, such as apricots or apples, seem appropriate and tasty.
HalfPint December 2, 2019
How about some peeled mandarin oranges or tangerines?
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