Is something missing between steps 2 and 3?

You cover the beans with water and baking soda, and then just immediately drain them? Or is there a “soak overnight or for 3-4 hours” step missing?

Allison Hamm
Turkey Soup
Recipe question for: Turkey Soup


Nancy December 3, 2019
Maybe nothing's missing.
Recipe says in step 3 cook another half hour or until beans are done.
So looks like the beans are cooking minimum one hour or until done (dried beans - depending on and and type - can take 3/4 to 3 hours to cook).
And all the while absorbing other good flavors.
Nancy December 3, 2019
Should read: depending on age and type
gandalf December 3, 2019
I think you are right, and there should be a direction at the end of Step 2 to soak the beans overnight (or up to 12 hours). Step 3 involves cooking the beans only for 30 minutes, so there has to be some soaking involved. If adding baking soda were the magic answer for skipping an overnight soak, then every bean recipe would contain that direction.
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