Cottage cheese with pineapple??

I accidentally bought cottage cheese with pineapple in it. I have no interest in eating this, but I’m thinking maybe I could bake with it? Any ideas for a pineapple cottage cheese baked good? Thanks!

  • Posted by: Julie
  • December 4, 2019


Julie December 5, 2019
Great ideas! Thank you!
Miss_Karen December 4, 2019
You could make a ricotta cheese cookie, but substitute your cottage cheese with pineapples for the ricotta.
boulangere December 4, 2019
Cottage cheese also adds a wonderful moistness to biscuits in place of any dairy called for. Here, yours with pineapple would be delicious to substitute for crème fraīche:
Nancy December 20, 2022
Late addition.
Or use instead of yogurt, milk or cream in a baking powder biscuit recipe.
Joanna S. December 4, 2019
Ooo, what about these pancakes??
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