I don’t know anything about dried peppers, and the small town I live in carries 2 types in the “international foods” aisle.

Is it ok to use the canned chipotles and would I just mash up a bit with the sauce? I think the canned ones are smoked though. . .
What other dried peppers (names) would be suitable? Thank you!



Stephanie B. December 7, 2019
In addition to Brinda's suggestions, you could also try smoked paprika, which should be readily available in the spice aisle. All three of these chili powders go well with chocolate.
Nancy December 7, 2019
And/or hot paprika, if you can't find smoked.
Brinda A. December 7, 2019
Hi ILuvSugr, chipotle chiles are smoked jalapeños, so you actually do want that smoky flavor here. However, the canned version at the store are often packed in a tomato-based adobo sauce, so they end up being salty and savory and wouldn’t go super well in this cookie.

All this said, you could use dried ancho chiles with a pinch of dried chipotle powder (which you might find in the spice aisle). Or, because such a small amount is called for in the recipe, you might be fine just leaving it out, and/or trying a big pinch of chipotle chile powder in the dough instead.

Hope this helps!
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