HELP! Making Angel Food cake and just discovered that I only have self-raising flour, do I leave out the cream of tartar completely then?



boulangere March 28, 2011
It's beautiful! She will love it and your generosity!
MyLittleCuddles March 28, 2011
Thanks everyone! I sure hope it tastes as good as it looks!
I'll know in the morning, as it's been made for the minister's wife's birthday tomorrow.
I couldn't decide between lemon drizzle or fresh strawberries, so I did both ;-) I call it Strawberry-Lemonade Angel Food Cake. The cake of course was from the recipe above:
I made the drizzle from Jamie Oliver's recipe: 250g (8oz) icing sugar (powdered sugar) whisked with zest and juice of 1 lemon. The glass jar is a strawberry coulis I devised from this recipe: , substituting a large can of strawberries in juice for the fresh.
boulangere March 28, 2011
It looks like the cream of tartar requirement in AF cakes is excessive, but in fact it is key to building and maintaining volume in egg whites. Cream of tartar works with the ovalbumen in the whites, causing it to relax and to more readily accept the sugar molecules which it has to support and the air it has to maintain. Don't ever reduce it!
beyondcelery March 28, 2011
I'll cross my fingers for you! I'd love to know how it turns out.
MyLittleCuddles March 28, 2011
OK, as the Cream of Tartar and salt went into beating the egg whites, I left most of it in -- only a tiny pinch of salt and a rounded t-sp of tartar. Batter looked good and licking the spoon was lovely! Just put it in to bake -- fingers crossed!!!
beyondcelery March 28, 2011
Self-raising flour usually has baking soda and salt both added to it. I would leave the salt out of the recipe completely. Since the recipe only calls for cream of tartar and no baking soda, I'm less sure what to do for that; usually I'd just leave out the baking soda in a recipe. Cream of tartar is used in combination with baking soda to make baking powder. You'll probably have success with this recipe if you reduce the cream of tartar slightly; maybe to 1tsp. Cream of tartar also helps to stabilize egg whites, so I wouldn't remove it completely. Your recipe is relying heavily on egg whites to achieve its lift and the cream of tartar will help them retain volume.
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