Making challah without a stand mixer?

Hello! I want to make this challah recipe, but I don't have a stand mixer. How should I do the mixing in steps 2-4? I do have a handheld electric mixer with a balloon whisk and bread hook attachments. Thank you!



Miss_Karen December 11, 2019
I don't have a stand mixer either (or any kind of dough hook.)
So, I put the ingredients in a bread maker. First the liquid and fat. Then all the dry ingredients with the yeast last. Set it to the dough setting. When its process is complete,take it out,shape & let rise then bake.
Nancy December 11, 2019
ElissaMaria....should be easy to do. Gauge timing by the descriptions of the dough (not by the suggested durations). You can use one or more of handheld mixer with dough hook, wooden spoons, spatula, your hands.
If you are an experienced bread maker, make the whole recipe (two loaves size).
If less experienced, make a half batch the first time around - it'll be easier to handle.
Good luck and enjoy your baking.
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