I'd like to put the dough in my silicone shot glass mold, bake and fill with cheese filling. Will I be able to get them out of the mold?

  • Posted by: walkie74
  • December 13, 2019
Salted Rosemary Shortbread
Recipe question for: Salted Rosemary Shortbread


lallimusic December 15, 2019
Hard to say—the dough is quite crumbly and delicate and I’m not sure it will want to be manipulated too much. They also puff a bit during baking which could result in a not-perfectly clean edge.
Dona December 13, 2019
Maybe form the dough on the outside of the glass and place it upside down on your baking sheet.
Nancy December 13, 2019
Walkie74...this sounds like a clever idea for a sweet or savory appetizer, but I too fear you'd have trouble getting the shortbread cookies out intact.
To do something like your original idea - make shot glass ciros in a fjavor or material that would go with the cookies. Fill with cheese (piped or spooned in). Then top with crumbles or small-cut versions of the shortbread.
If you make these (however you decide), please post a photo and tell us how they worked!
Nancy December 13, 2019
On second thought, maybe it would work.
If you have ctroubke removing the shortbread shot glasses intact, use them with fruit and cream to make a parfait or trifle.
walkie74 December 13, 2019
I'm thinking that instead of shot glasses, I should use a scoop and make tiny bowls instead, then fill those with cheese filling. Hmmm
Nancy December 13, 2019
Bake tiny bowls made of shortbread....sounds very possible.
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