Substitute Binder for Potatoes

I'm trying to make a potato "stack" style au gratin (mandolin sliced potatoes, pressed into a mold to bake and then cut into squares). All of the recipes that I'm finding use butter and/or parmesan cheese as a binder. I'd prefer this recipe to not be particularly cheesy and am wondering what I could use as a substitute for the parmesan?

I was thinking something like chickpea flour might work? Any thoughts?



Nancy December 21, 2019
Rather than starting from scratch, or looking for a Parmesan replacement ingredient (which might or might not cohere, taste good, etc), I would look at some veg potatos au gratin recipes.
See how they build the dish...they've done the trial and error, so you can benefit from their learning.
For example:
Nancy December 21, 2019
Meant to write: look at some
VEGAN recipes for potatoes au gratin
HerrmannJBlume December 21, 2019
Thank you! I don't know why I didn't think of that.
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