Can you use chicken breasts rather than thighs?

I personally love dark meat but my husband doesn't. This sounds delicious but I need to use some breasts as well.

Patsy Conyer


Gammy January 1, 2020
Like Happygoin, I have not made this recipe, BUT I think with some careful modifications, you can cook breasts, too, without having them totally dried out. Here is what I would try: Do the brining step. When it comes to baking, I would add the thighs first to the pan, making sure to leave room for a couple breasts as dark meat needs to cook to a higher temperature for the collagen to break down. Give them a 15 to 20 minute head start before adding the breasts. If you have an instant read thermometer, this is the time to use it! The Spruce recommends breasts cooked to 150 degrees (check to see that the juice runs clear), but thigh meat to 175-180 ( You may have to experiment a bit to get the timing down, but if the thighs are done, remove them... the breasts should be done in just a bit, they just may not have the same dark crust as the thighs. Enjoy!
Happygoin January 1, 2020
I have to admit that I’ve never made this recipe. But I just read it and read a lot of the reviews as well. This is just a guess based on my reading, but no one in the reviews that I read mentioned using breasts.

I’m thinking that the reason is it would incinerate them. I think they would turn out dry, stringy and inedible. Again, just an opinion after reading, not based on actually making the recipe. And believe it or not, I know people who prefer their chicken that way, so perhaps your husband is one of them?
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