Has the current contest been abandoned?

Deadlines have come and gone. We should be in the voting phase but what should we vote on?



Joanna S. January 3, 2020
Hi again, Pat! The finalists were posted yesterday!

Thanks again for checking in!
Joanna S. January 2, 2020
Hi Inpatskitchen! Thanks for checking in. We're a smidgen behind our usual schedule since our office took a break for the holidays. We'll be announcing the finalists later today! Thanks so much for your patience in the mean time. Happy new year!
zoemetro U. January 3, 2020
I didn't even know there was a contest. And judging by the number of entries, it looks like other people missed the boat as well. What a shame.
inpatskitchen January 3, 2020
They sure aren't getting the publicity that they used to get....you're right, it's a shame....
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