What to do with unused focaccia dough?

I made focaccia dough with the intention of baking it tonight, however I was surprised with dinner reservations. Should I freeze the dough or keep it in the refrigerator? I probably will not use it for another 3 days or so 😓



Stephanie B. January 11, 2020
Sounds like it was pretty much risen and ready to bake? I'd freeze it.
Nadizzle_i January 11, 2020
Do I just wrap it up as is? I’ve heard some people say they punch all the air out of it, which I find crazy because that is the trademark of focaccia!
Stephanie B. January 11, 2020
Hmm...that depends on whether or not you've put toppings/oil on that you don't want mixing into the dough if you were to ball it up again. It would be easier to store and keep airtight balled up, but you could try to wrap tightly and freeze as is. The reason to degas before freezing is because your yeast will warm up and continue fermenting as the dough thaws, and that could very well overproof your dough, especially if it's already quite airy.
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