Lemon glaze for cookies. I have two recipes. One uses an egg white. The other does not but has cream of tartar and same ingredients. Which one .

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1 Comment

Amy January 22, 2020
In my opinion (I'm a pastry chef), I'd use the tartar one, if there was a choice. No egg issues to worry about (if raw). But try both and see which you like. My fav glaze is powdered sugar (about 3 cups), a tablespoon or two of corn syrup, flavor of choice (in your case, lemon juice), maybe zest. Stir over a low flame (don't boil!) and if you need to thin it more, add more juice for "tart" or a bit of water. Don't get this too thin or it won't set up. Too thick and it's hard to spread. You can always add more sugar or add more juice to "fix" it. Drizzle when hot. If don't right, it'll set fast and end up like the frosting on cake donuts. It'll be white, and dry to the touch, but melt on your tongue. Yum! Can be used on coffee cakes and other things too. Enjoy!
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