Why is the glaze on my hot cross buns white and not clear

Why is my glaze white and not clear

  • Posted by: Mimi
  • April 1, 2021


Lori T. April 2, 2021
It depends on the sort of sugar you used to make the glaze, how thick it went on, and perhaps even what sort of vanilla you used to flavor it. Simple glazes made with powdered sugar are most often white, or a pale cream color. Regular vanilla will give it a more beige tone, depending on how much you use. They make a clear but fake flavored vanilla to use in icings that are meant to stay white. A clear glaze is made usually by heating a form of sugar, corn syrup, and water to create a clear syrup glaze. With a hot cross bun, you usually brush a very thin layer of glaze over the still warm buns, and then pipe on the thicker white glaze to create or emphasize the crosses after the buns cool. So temperature and thickness could also play a role in your color.
Mimi April 3, 2021
Thank you this is very helpful. I think I put it on too thickly.
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