i no longer have newspaper or plastic grocery bags to scrape dinner dishes, pots and pans into before washing. What do other people use?

Grocery stores are doing away with the plastic bags, we don't subscribe to newspaper, I don't have a garbage disposal, compost bin or a dog - so those aren't an option. What do you use when you have food scraps to throw away?

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Jenni January 19, 2020
Put it into any container until you get it to your compost , and if you don't have a compost start one.
Gammy January 19, 2020
Good for vegetable scraps, but you do not want to add any dairy or meat products/byproducts to your compost, it will spoil the compost, rendering it unusable and can attract rodents and insects.
Gammy January 18, 2020
No garbage disposal here and I do compost every plant material I can. What I can't recycle gets scraped (bones, fat, and all misc. food discards) into my one catch-all trash can in the kitchen lined with (yes) a recycled/reused plastic bag. I do carry reusable bags to my grocery store, and even have mesh drawstring bags to put produce into, so I use as few plastic bags as possible. However, I do make sure I have a small cache of plastic bags for those scraps I can't recycle and for used kitty litter... then those go into my trash bin. Not 100%, but I do what I can.
LeBec F. February 10, 2020
If compost cannot be involved, and these scraps are all going to trash, then i would suggest using a small rubbermaid tub with a top it keeps out flies and odors. when full or before, dump in trash.
best, mindy
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