Chicken breast always tough no matter how I cook them

I am a fairly experienced cook but every time I try to cook chicken breasts they are tough. Poaching frying anything they are always tough. The same is not true with thighs or other meats.i am resting the meat and adhere to the recipes timing temperature etc. Can you help? Thank you



Divo February 1, 2020
You gotta try an instant pot or pressure cooker...I use boneless thighs in every recipe that calls for breasts...There’s never a dry thigh in the house...hahaha I think I’m punny..
PHIL January 27, 2020
I rarely make a whole boneless breast. Usually I will butterfly and pound gently flat like chicken paillard. Barely cook them through in the frying pan, remove. then make a sauce in the pan to pour over. Otherwise I chop up for fajitas or stir fry.
Gammy January 26, 2020
I flatten chicken breasts, season and then slap on the low/no heat side of my grill until they are barely done. Using an instant read thermometer helps tremendously. Plate them and cover with foil for a couple minutes to allow cooking to finish and juices to redistribute.
Happygoin January 26, 2020
For just that reason, I never use boneless chicken breasts, with the added reason that I find them pretty tasteless.

I know they’re a bit healthier than boneless, skinless thighs, but not enough so to compromise so much in flavor. And thighs have the added advantage of being virtually incapable of overcooking.

I realize it’s not what you asked, but there’s my two cents.
Emma L. January 26, 2020
Hi Katie8961—a lot of people (including myself!) run into this issue. I loved reading this Absolute Best Tests column we just published by Ella Quittner: Hope you enjoy!
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