foregoing creole file' powder due to odd taste

i never used it before. i used it yesterday and think it gives a slightly unpleasant taste. has anyone else experienced this? maybe i should just do the recipe w/o it.



LeBec F. January 30, 2020
i read a fascinating history of gumbo recently. two basic techniques/thickeners were used: file powder(tree root) from the Native Indian version, and ROUX from the french influenced version. easy to find recipes that are roux-based.
gandalf January 28, 2020
If you are using it as a thickener for a soup or stew, perhaps you can substitute some okra in your recipe instead.
alng4768 January 29, 2020
i gave some gumbo to a friend last night and insisted he tell me his honest opinion. he liked it. i'll have to taste it again -- maybe i'll grow to like it or b happy to accept that others do, but it's not for me. okra is a thickener as is the file' powder, but they also add their own flavor. Tx
LeBec F. January 30, 2020
i ADORE okra and put it in everything. i do put cut okra in almost all my stews. but it is in no way a thickener like a
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