If I make sandwich cookies in advance, will the cookies get soggy? Should I fill them tomorrow?

Gingersnap cookies with a creamy cheesy filling.



Blissful B. November 23, 2011
OK, time for a dissenting vote! I make cookies all the time, and gingersnap cookies with cream cheese filling are one of my favorites. You can absolutely fill them tonight .They'll be fine. Cream cheese fillings & frostings are thick & in my experience, don't cause a cookie to be soggy. When I make them, it takes us a few days to eat them all & they're every bit as good on day 3 as they are on day 1.
boulangere November 23, 2011
Oh, yeah, they sound great! Cream cheese is an emulsion of fat and water, and when you introduce sugar into the mix, it wants more than anything to pull water out. By all means make your cookies in advance and store them wrapped in plastic so they don't soften in the presence of atmospheric moisture, and also make your lovely filling and refrigerate it. Fill the cookies not long before your want to serve them, and you and everyone else will be very happy. Have a lovely Thanksgiving!
Jodee R. November 23, 2011
Best to fill the next day but it depends on just how creamy the filling is. If its pretty thick and the cookies are crispy, you might make it. Best bet is to just have the cookies and filling ready and fill right before serving! Sounds tasty!
Merrill S. November 23, 2011
Yes, best to fill them tomorrow if you have the time!
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