hi, do I need to peel button mushrooms before cooking them?



ChefDaddy March 31, 2011
@ Nutcakes-We know that, but does the rest of the country? So many people I have met won't eat mushrooms because of what they "think" they are grown in. Thanks for posting. @CaryNC- I believe they are ok to wash if given enough time for the water to evaporate. When I switched to using local, organically grown mushrooms I had to start washing them in-house (in large quantities). I would have the crew brush off a pound or two so we could use them and wash the rest and refridgerate uncovered until used. Sometimes you just have to go with what works for the situation, even at home. And, I never had any reason to think it was degrading the product.
nutcakes March 31, 2011
Just so you know, they are grown in sterilized soil, so you don't need to worry aobut it.
CaryNC March 31, 2011
A very quick rinse and dry is also fine as long as you use the mushrooms soon afterwards. Alton Brown showed that mushrooms do not absorb nearly as much water as you might think even if they are soaked.


pierino March 31, 2011
Glad it worked out for you. Sounds great up until the oxo cube part. Maybe next time try 1/2 cup of real beef or veal stock and it might be turn out still "BOOMIER".
Mullalove March 31, 2011
Thanks for the advice everyone, they were left unpeeled. I only asked because my mum said they simply HAD to be peeled, mothers clearly don't always know best do they! ( don't tell her I said that! ). Butter in a pan, mushrooms, an oxo cube, salt and pepper, bit of olive oil...leave to simmer and BOOM food heaven!
ChefDaddy March 31, 2011
I know people used to do this. I'm thinking that we no longer do because we no longer have the stigma attached to what they are grown in.
pierino March 31, 2011
My mother used to make me peel mushrooms when I was a kid. God knows why. Yeah, just a light cleanse with a soft brush. Same goes for the larger white mushrooms, champignons.
jwolfsthal March 31, 2011
nope. button mushrooms do not need to be peeled. a light brushing with a paper towel or mushroom bruch to take off any dirt and you are good to go.
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