Hi, I need help with a stirfry meal.

I have bocchoi, spinach, and some mushrooms. Can I mix these all together with some chicken and a couple other vegetables?

What are some other things I should know before I start cooking this?


Tom Hessert


Kristen W. July 22, 2013
One other way to thicken the sauce, if you go that route, is to mix together a little soy sauce, sherry (just a TBSP or so) a little water, and a TBSP or two of cornstarch, then toss the chicken in it before cooking. This will help to thicken any sauce you add later and it will also boost the flavor of the chicken.
Sam1148 July 21, 2013
Personally, I'd forgo the common 'sauce heck out of it with cornstarch an stock' to make a stock for a stir fry.

Just a bit of Oyster Sauce, And use the stock addition for a water frying the veggies to steam them a bit to make up lack of high wok cooking. A tsp of ginger is good to marinate the meats.
Like Ehalthierkitchen said: Try cooking the meats first..removing them..then going back and adding veggies to fullness, and add back in the meats.

I'll add again...I personally think a oyster sauce, black bean sauce, is much perfered than then typical dipping cornstach/stock sauce.

JanetFL July 21, 2013
Great minds think alike, healthierkitchen! Totally agree!
healthierkitchen July 21, 2013
Tom - that sauce is good, but a pretty strong so I might use a little at a time, maybe thin out with a little plain soy sauce to taste. If your chicken is raw, start with that and when it's just cooked take it out of your pan or wok and set aside. I think broccoli would take the longest so that should go in next then the other veggies. Add the chicken back in and the sauce and mix it all together.
nutcakes July 21, 2013
Have all your ingredients preped and cut first. Cook the vegetables first, being sure not to overcook, leave them al dente. You can add onion and thinly sliced carrot if you have it. Set the vegetables aside and cook the chicken in a little oil, minced garlic and grated ginger if you have it. Return the vegetables to the pot, add your sauce and combine until heated and sauce is thickened. Do you have a plan for your sauce? Do you have on hand chicken broth, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, hot pepper flakes, optionally oyster sauce? Use a drizzle of cornstarch mixed with equal parts cold water or stock to lightly thicken.
Tom H. July 21, 2013
Nutcakes, I was going to use soy vay's "very very teriaki" for my sauce. Do you think that will work if I do not have enough time to make the sauce from scratch?
JanetFL July 21, 2013
A stir-fry is a good way to use whatever you have on hand. Just heat some oil and maybe add in some minced garlic if you have it and like it. If your chicken in uncooked, stir-fry that before adding the vegetables. You can make a sauce to thicken your stir-fry by mixing together 2 TBS soy sauce with 1 TBS cornstarch; add this mixture in last. Enjoy!
Monita July 21, 2013
You can definitely mix in chicken and other vegetables - peppers are good. Mince some onions and fresh ginger. Add in some soy sauce or a hot pepper sauce. Important thing is to have all your ingredients ready because stir fry should happen at a high heat and very quickly, especially if you're using a wok. Cut everything into same size pieces, preferably thin.
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