Help! Bought some packaged tofu 2 weeks ago but realized the water from the package is gone (it was unopened)

This has happened before, last time I opened it and it had a white sticky coating on it, I suspect the package wasn't air tight but I'm tired of wasting pricey tofu blocks. Should I eat it or toss it?

  • Posted by: Cat21
  • February 6, 2020


Nancy February 6, 2020
Also, you might consider changing where you someplace that has better suppliers and/or takes better care of its product in the store.
Cat21 February 6, 2020
I would the issue is that this is the only place that sells tofu in my town, I take it that it is not normal for the water to disappear :/
Nancy February 7, 2020
Oh, Cat21, I see you have no other retail choice.
You're right, it's not normal (or gooda) for the water to disappear.
If tofu is a staple of your diet, it may be worth learning to make at home.
(May sound hard, but people learn it & make good quality at home. Like homemade yogurt.)
Nancy February 7, 2020
Here's one recipe from tv chef Ming Tsai.
And there are others, including videos on YouTube.
Good luck!
Happygoin February 6, 2020
Can you return it to the store where you purchased it? If you’re a regular shopper there, it shouldn’t be a problem.

To answer your question though, I’m always in the when-in-doubt-toss-it camp where food is concerned.
Cat21 February 6, 2020
yeah i might try to return it given the fact that it's super pricey where i live, thanks for your advice!
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