I have about 1/2 lb of chicken giblets left over from making stuffing. Other than gravy, what else can I use them for?



Shaggy77 March 31, 2011
Treats for my mutts. Those are some of my favorite parts but they are a special treat for the dogs.
sarah K. March 31, 2011
When I was growing up, any time my mom cooked a chicken or a turkey, we had this secret ritual of frying up the giblets and consuming them together in secret, so nobody else could find out how wonderful they were. Seriously. I absolutely love livers and hearts, fried and salted. The biggest tragedy was when the heart was too tiny to share, or when there were, mysteriously, two hearts and no liver. We would even boil the neck to make stock, but take it out before it was completely wasted, and pick the tiny meats off the bones. My mom said it was her favorite part.

I would save them and do a breakfast fry-up. Maybe even chopped into scrambled eggs. With chives? And a grilled tomato? I just ate dinner, but this makes me both hungry and jealous.
Greenstuff March 31, 2011
Yeah, I thought about gizzard confit for salads, but those are generally duck gizzards too. Let us know what you end up doing.
pierino March 31, 2011
As usuba dashi mentions, dirty rice leaps to mind. Although in Louisiana they use duck innards. Still, 1/2 lb is too much to let go to waste. You can also combine them with chopped up chicken hearts and sautee for that crostini topping too.
usuba D. March 31, 2011
there are many rice & giblet recipes out there from Puerto Rico and Louisiana. I had a Cajun dirty rice version years ago that was excellent.
ChefJune March 31, 2011
In Tuscany, Chicken livers are traditionally sauteed in in olive oil and smushed onto crostini for their traditionall bruschetta. (surprise, no tomatoes!)
StacyG March 31, 2011
I use them in making my chicken stock. Do not use the liver though as it will make your stock cloudy.
Greenstuff March 31, 2011
Except for the livers, chicken giblets can go into making stock. If you have livers, take a look at boulangere's mousse, which was just named a finalist in the dishes that we (intentionally) set on fire. You could make a mini-amount
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