Thoughts on cooking this recipe with shelled shrimp?

I’d like to be able to eat this with a knife and fork - do you think this recipe would still be good if I shelled the shrimp before cooking them in the sauce?

  • Posted by: Paige
  • February 19, 2020


Judith M. February 19, 2020
She mentions this in the video-shrimp with their shells on will impart more flavor (she said the best is with their heads still on) but if all you have is shelled shrimp it is fine but don't cook as long.
HalfPint February 19, 2020
I agree with @Judith M. The key to using shelled shrimp is to not cook it as long. I once had a cooking instructor say that the best tasting shrimp is an undercooked one. I've always followed that advice. I would recommend pulling shrimp off the heat when it starts to turn pink but is still translucent at the center.
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