Quantity of Shrimp Required for Barbecue Shrimp

How much shrimp? You have not indicated whether I need a half pound or 3 lbs. please break the code....

  • Posted by: Saym
  • February 19, 2020


inpatskitchen February 20, 2020
The recipe lists one pound of shell on shrimp toward the end of the ingredients list. I would think a size would be recommended though (I'd go BIG!)
gandalf February 20, 2020
One thing about larger-sized shrimp is that you may have issues with having the alimentary canal present, which would require removal of that; I have found that you can often avoid this by using smaller-sized shrimp.
inpatskitchen February 20, 2020
Deveining shrimp is not that difficult and you could always go the E-Z peel route (shell left on, vein removed).
Saym February 20, 2020
I think that medium size shrimp have more flavor & better texture than large shrimp. Large shrimp are tough & chewy.
inpatskitchen February 20, 2020
Isn't it wonderful that we can disagree on our preferences?
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