Joepastry blog has disappeared from web-Horrors😱

Amazing pastry blog masterpiece I used to learn how to make Danish-has disappeared from web-so unbelievably detailed and expertly guided—anybody know anything about Joe and taking down the site-?

  • Posted by: thilda
  • March 2, 2020


HalfPint March 3, 2020
He's on Instagram, I think it's @Joe_pastry. But yeah, has been taken down. I would imagine that it is very difficult to maintain a blog like that one and venture into a new business. Looks like he's opened one called WooBar (?). I've seen a lot of my favorite bloggers leave blogging because it just became a LOT of work to maintain and develop more content. It's a bittersweet thing but he looks like he is doing well and doing what he loves.
thilda March 4, 2020
Thank you HalfPint—he quit actively blogging on that site in 2014 but left it up until very recently. I had just discovered him about 6 weeks ago—what a wonderful teacher —the photos!!! Thank you for the info. If it’s the same person he was a lovely person too!
thilda March 11, 2020
joepastry is back at website and he is not the JoePastry doing WooBar because that Joe was kind enough to respond to my inquiry. He agrees the website is amazing!
sara D. March 20, 2023
It's ARCHIVED ! thank you INternet Archive:
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