Isn't there any salt added to this recipe? Low sodium chicken broth and prepared mustard are the only sources of salt?

Preparing this dish for supper tonight. I notice that the recipe calls for low sodium chicken broth and there is no additional salt added. Can this be right? Instinct tells me that there should be some salt in here somewhere.

Chicken Vindaloo Vesuvius
Recipe question for: Chicken Vindaloo Vesuvius


Happygoin March 16, 2020
You may find that, with all the spices, there's no need for salt. However, it does say toward the end of the recipe to check for salt, so I'd add it then if, after tasting it, you find it needs some.
icharmeat March 16, 2020
THanks for the reply Happygoin. I prepared this last night and it definitely needed salt at the end. This is a tasty recipe but I will salt as I go along next time- i think that will yield a better result than trying to fix it at the end of cooking.
Happygoin March 16, 2020
Thanks for reporting back. I agree, always better to salt as you go.

You might add a comment under the recipe to let others know. I bet others would find it helpful.
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