My hash brown is not mixing in the bowl,please tell me what to do?

Beginner In cooking.Need a lot of help.

Asad javed


Nancy March 22, 2020
Asad - mixing with what?
Often, the aim is to remove liquid by squeezing the grated potatoes in a cloth, then sauteeing them in fat.
Look at other recipes for hash browns for ideas, not just the Josh Ozersky one.
Brinda A. March 22, 2020
Hi Asad, do you mean you're grating potatoes for hash browns and they are not mixing together properly? Do you mind pointing me to a recipe you're using, by any chance? This is a great, extremely foolproof recipe that might be helpful:

You really don't want to make the mixture too liquidy and just let the starches in the potatoes (plus some salt, to draw out whatever moisture is in the potatoes) help bind the hash browns. Maybe to your mixture you could add a little bit of salt, massage it into the potatoes with your hands, and see if it becomes a little wetter and easier to work with?

Hope this helps!

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