My Dansk Dutch oven has a chipped surface

My new beautiful, Dansk Dutch oven has a chip in the enamel lining, and minor crazing, Is this still safe for cooking? Reply please, I need to make soup❤️❤️Ann Farber

Ann Elaine Farber


Melissa J. March 12, 2024
Horrible quality. My 4 qt casserole chipped after six months. I only use wooden utensils. They gave me $30 of credit. What about the $135 I paid. What a rip off. Do I use it as pot for a plant now. What a waste of money.
Fyza S. September 15, 2023
I wish I had seen this thread before buying these pots. What a waste. My pot chipped with 4 uses, no high head and no metal, just simmering sauces. I can’t leave a review on food52 and they are refusing to replace. I followed this company since it was a weekly food recipe blog and have purchased from them multiple times, but clearly they don’t really stand behind their products, so I can’t trust them. Guess I can look at pretty pots - that’s all these are good for now. What a terrible company and terrible product
N November 8, 2022
Also it seems like there is no way for me to leave a review on the defective product 😟
Plum I. February 2, 2023
I was wondering too I got a set from here and they are so cute but such a mistake, chips and now two handles have loosened one came right off
N November 8, 2022
Another data point … enamel inside my 1qt saucepan chipped after 2 light uses. Was super careful and only used it to simmer some squash cubes on low flame both times. So sad, no consolation or show of concern except a $15 store credit… for a $72 piece of cookware that I can no longer use?
Hilary Z. September 26, 2022
I’m so surprised to read about these quality issues! I’ve been using the same Dansk pots for the past 20 years, and they had been given to my aunt as a wedding present in the ‘60s. We’re talking over 50 years of heavy use! They’re my favorite pots. Only one has a chip in it. It hasn’t gotten any bigger, it has no rust, and I’m still alive to tell the tale. I can only say I wash them with sponges, sometimes a brush, never anything harsh. Generally soaking or baking soda does the trick on stuff that’s stuck on. I don’t put them in the dishwasher, and I don’t use metal utensils with them. I have a new matching Dansk butter pot and absolutely love it- no chipping whatsoever. Dansk has generally always had a reputation of very good quality. But maybe they just joint make them like they used to?
Leslee P. July 10, 2022
I also have a Dansk pot that developed an interior chip after not much use and careful handling. It’s very disappointing but I think pots like this are safe to cook in since it’s just cast iron underneath. Maybe rub the spot with oil after washing? The question of storing the food is more a problem. I have used pots like these to make soup or stew for more than one meal and the convenience of refrigerating in the pot to be reheated within a day or 2 is important. I’d be inclined to go ahead and do that. Any opinions on this?
Hilary Z. September 26, 2022
I do it all the time with no issues! One of the things that is so great about these pots is their stackability and ease of putting them in the fridge!
SHARON P. February 15, 2022
My Dansk butter warmer chipped inside and outside. I'm very careful with my pans. This is poor quality. I'm sorry I purchased this product. What a waste of money!
nursekween May 3, 2021
I'm on my 2nd Dansk dutch oven that chipped yesterday on the interior cooking surface while cooking something making sure to use wooden spoons as to not scratch or chip the surface. I unfortunately have to throw out what I was cooking because I don't want eat a chard of enamel AND throw away a 2nd dutch oven. Really disappointed as well. Dansk offers a discount on a new one but you lose the discount with having to pay for the shipping. Really beautiful cookware but really horrible quality. I hope with Food52 acquiring Dansk there will be some kind of quality improvement.
Erin A. March 23, 2020
Hi there! I'm so sorry to hear that! Unfortunately it looks like the advice from most cookware companies is that it should be replaced, but there are some message boards (you can find them here: that say you could treat the nick like cast-iron and rub it with oil to prevent it from rusting. You may also want to look into the company's warranty information to see if this is covered. I hope that helps!
Tina K. April 20, 2021
I ordered one from you and I just did a search for their warranty information and this popped up. I hope someone stands behind this product because it is obvious a defect in the workmanship. It is an expensive pot to only get a short amount of use from. I will research the warranty information but since you sold you, should you stand behind it? I am not happy with the quality of this product.
CATHERINE L. May 18, 2021
Two of my Dansk enamel-lined pots have chipped. The first one (bought from Food 52) chipped after my son accidentally burned rice in it and tried to scrape it out with a metal spoon. I figured that was our bad. But my second one (bought from the Dansk website) just chipped too. This time I was very careful to not let anything burn and to only use a wooden spoon. It’s a shame. They are pretty pots, but useless and dangerous if they don’t stand up to even minor use.
JK February 25, 2024
The Dansk brand is now owned by Food52, so quality would literally be the same. :(
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